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  • new norway
  • Canada

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Schedule of Performers

(click on their name to list to music)


7:00 pm Sylvia de Bruyn

7:45 pm Charly Doll

8:00pm Donna Durand and Alison Demeter

9:00 pm Russel deCarle (voice of Prairie Oyster)

10:00 pm Back Porch Swing


11:30 am Carly Reirson

1:00 pm Tim Isberg

2:00 pm Amy Thiessen

3:00 pm Maria Phillipos

4:00 pm Darryl Matthews 

5:00 pm Benny Parsons

6:00 pm Patsy Cline (impersonator - Frances, Szelewicki)

7:00 pm Seven the Band

8:00 pm Soap Box Duo

9:00 pm Big Smoke Revival


Noon Bob Kochan 

1:00 pm Jim and Penny Malmberg

2:00 pm Sam Young

3:00 pm Jasmine Whenham

4:00 pm Gary O'Donnell